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Monday, July 6, 2009

25 Health Benefits of Lemon

Monday, July 6, 2009
25 Health Benefits of Lemon .... Do try my friends

Lemon is one of those super foods with a myriad health and cosmetic benefits. There are a few persons

for whom it is an allergen, so make sure you are not allergic to this natural product, before you start enjoying the many benefits.

25 Health Benefits of  Lemon @ health tips

1. Lemon being a citrus fruit, fights against infection.

It helps in production of WBC's and antibodies in blood which attacks the invading microorganism and prevents infection.

2. Lemon is an antioxidant which deactivates the free radicals preventing many dangerous diseases like stroke, cardiovascular diseases and cancers.

3. Lemon lowers blood pressure and increases the levels of HDL (good cholesterol) .

4. Lemon is found to be anti-carcinogenic which lower the rates of colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

They prevent faulty metabolism in the cell, which can predispose a cell to becoming carcinogenic.

Also blocks the formation of nitrosamines in the gut.

5. Lemon juice is said to give a glow to the skin.

6. A few drops of lemon juice in hot water are believed to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well.

7. The skin of lemon dried under the sun and then ground to make powder can be applied to the hair for a

few minutes before bath which relieves head ache and cools the body.

8. Applying lemon juice to acne dries the existing ones and prevents from getting more.

9. Lemon juice acts as a natural hair lightner and skin bleach which reduces the pigment melanin and prevents

the risk of chemical allergic reactions which is common with hair dyes and bleaches.

10. Lemon juice is given to relieve gingivitis, stomatitis, and inflammation of the tongue.

11. Lemon juice is given to prevent common cold.

12. Lemon juice is given to prevent or treat urinary tract infection and gonorrhea.

13. Lemon juice is applied to the sites of bites and stings of certain insects to relieve its poison and pain.

14. Lemon juice relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

15. Lemon juice soothes the dry skin when applied with little glycerin.

16. Lemon juice used for marinating seafood or meat kills bacteria and other organisms present in them,

thereby prevents many gastro-intestinal tract infections.

17. Lemon juice with a pinch of salt (warm) every morning lowers cholesterol levels and brings down your weight.

18. Lemon juice is the best drink to prevent dehydration and shock in case of diarrhea.

19. Lemon juice can also be used as a mouthwash. It removes plaque, whitens the teeth and strengthens the enamel.

20. A table spoon on thick lemon syrup everyday relieves asthma.

21. Lemon juice relieves chilblains and itchy skin.

22. Gargling lemon juice relieves throat infection and also used as a treatment for diphtheria.

23. Lemon juice is an excellent treatment for dandruff and greasy hair.

24. Lemon applied over the face removes wrinkles and keeps you young.

25. Lemon juice helps to prevent and cure osteoarthritis.


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annyjoseph said...

Lemons manipulate the body's thermogenic process, allowing it to burn stored fat and calories more efficiently than in the past.Drinking lots of lemonade while you have those colds and sore throat could relieve you of those cold symptoms before you know it.


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Lemon is very beneficial for health. Lemon relieves chilblains and itchy skin. Lemon relieves colic pain and gastric problems.

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DBN said...

Though using lemon to boost your immune system for a cold is not a good idea because i found out that a cold is just your immune system going crazy over something harmless so the stronger it is the worse the cold.It works like allergies.This is why there are people out there who are immune to the cold.

DBN said...

Though using lemon to boost your immune system for a cold is not a good idea because i found out that a cold is just your immune system going crazy over something harmless so the stronger it is the worse the cold.It works like allergies.This is why there are people out there who are immune to the cold.

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Buda Blog said...

I happen to love Lemon and I have been using it for years for colds and stuff. I still like peeling a lemon and eating it with a bit of salt.

Buda Blog said...

I happen to love Lemon and I have been using it for years for colds and stuff. I still like peeling a lemon and eating it with a bit of salt.

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